• Traditional Turkish Protection Amulet – This beautiful wall-hanging evil eye charm features protective evil eye beads to ward off negative energy and six intricately detailed mini beads for positive blessings.
  • Inspire Good Luck and Personal Success – These evil eye charms not only help absorb the bad energy in your home they’re a talisman that really helps bring you good fortune and a positive mindset each and every day.
  • Gorgeous Vertical Wall Hanging Decor – Demiwares evil eye charms feature a small macrame hook at the top to make it easier to hang by entryways, in your kitchen or living room, by the bed in the bedroom, or anywhere else you need protection.
  • Thoughtful Spiritual Gift Idea – One of the most exciting aspects of our decorative talismans is they make a wonderful birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift idea for friends and family you want to bless with good luck while warding off bad energy.
  • Beautiful Turkish Craftmanship – Our evil eye wall hanging ornament is made by hand by artisans in Turkey which means each one boasts small, one-of-a-kind details that give them their own unique style and charm for a decorative touch you’ll love.


Decorate Your Home or Meditation Space with a Protective Evil Eye Wall Hanging Ornament from Demiwares

We’re all looking to restore balance to our hectic lives but often that starts by repelling the negative energies from where we will and embracing the positive around us. That’s why we created these beautiful, handcrafted Demiwares Evil Eye Wall Hanging Charms with 12.5cm Glass Evil Eye with Six Mini Beads to help ward off evil spirits, protect your household, and give you the kind of positive spiritual support you need in your day-to-day life. A beautiful, decorative piece that looks good by an entryway, in your living room, or anywhere else you want to find balance, get an Evil Eye wall-hanging charm for your space today and bless your home.

Glass Nazar “Eye” Amulet

We handcrafted our evil eye decoration using genuine glass just like a traditional nazar. This is more than a beautiful design idea it’s meant to absorb the negative energy and evil spirits in your space. And if the eye or “nazar” were to crack it would mean that it’s absorbed the energy, protected you and your home, and should be replaced.

Spiritual Guide

These decorative amulets play an integral in many spiritual ideals found in Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Arabic countries as well as many common religions.

Product Details:

  • Evil Eye Macrame Wall Art
  • 12.5cm Glass Evil Eye with 6 x 3cm Mini Beads
  • Handmade Glass Eye
  • Plastic Bead Construction
  • Overall Dimensions: 28.5 x 12.5 x 2 cm
  • Overall Weight: 445 gr
  • Made in Turkey


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Evil Eye Wall Hanging Decor - Marine 2

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    • Turkish Evil Eye Products, Evil Eye Products, Evil Eye Store, Turkish Store, Turkish Evil Eye Store,
    • Turkish Evil Eye Products, Evil Eye Products, Evil Eye Store, Turkish Store, Turkish Evil Eye Store,
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