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Hello All. My name is Demi and I am inspired by so many things everyday. Stay tuned as I will be sharing some interesting stories about our products and more details about the evil eye store.

My journey started back in 2010 where I was a University student in Istanbul. During my spare time I had worked part time as a tourist guide where I had the pleasure to guide people from many different cultures. I had taken them to places like Grand Bazaar where some of the greatest selection of evil eye products, evil eye jewelry, Turkish textiles, art and souvenir were sold. I was fascinated by the amount of interest that other cultures had towards these products. I now live in Edmonton, Alberta. Early on in 2020 I made a trip back to Turkey and brought back a whole bunch of evil eye charms. I started selling locally and I quickly realized the significant interest from many different cultures. I quickly ran out of products to sell and everyone kept on asking me when I would get more to sell. I also noticed that there was no local store selling many different types of authentic evil eye products.


At the beginning, I started to import products non-authentic products made by a different country. I thought maybe that could help me purchase the products at a later cost, but I the difference in quality was very apparent. Being born and raised in Turkey I understand the difference between quality and cheap products. I know many of the suppliers in Turkey personally that produce the best. For this reason I decided to open up an online Superstore selling only high quality and authentic evil eye products and other Turkish products.


Please stay tuned as I will be sharing blog posts soon to go into more details!

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